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Tam's Model A is a family owned and operated company specializing in Model A Parts. We have been providing the best quality Model A parts available since 1985. We strive to carry as many parts made in the U.S.A as possible and spend the extra time doing research so that we can provide service and dependability our customers look for. Here at Tam's Model A we go the extra mile by providing excellent customer service. Tam's provides technical advise and if we don't have the answers we will do our best to find them. As a Model A enthusiast being able to help other Model A enthusiasts with knowledge and excellent quality parts with reasonable shipping is our priority.

In 31 years we have been very lucky to have so many other dedicated Model A friends.

Whether you are restoring a Go car or a Show car we will do our best to get you what you need.

This will be Tam's 31st year at Hershey.

Plan ahead and have your orders ready for pick up. Perfect time to avoid shipping costs. Fax or email your orders by Oct 1st.


Featured products

A2042 ~ Brake Adjusting Shaft

Brake Adjusting Shaft 1928-31 Note: Back in stock

A3285 ~ Tire Rod End Right

Tire Rod Ends Right,No internal parts. Back in stock!

A3286 ~ Tire Rod End Left

Tire Rod Ends Left, No internal parts. Back in stock!

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Tam's Model A Parts Catalog

A1012C ~ Hub Bolt Nuts Chrome 1928-31

Hub Bolt Nuts Chrome 1928-31
From $1.13

A-46126 ~ Upholstery Clip

Upholstery Clip 1928-31. Made in U.S.A.

A1012W ~ Lug Nut Washers 1928-31

Lug Nut Washers Stainless Steel U.S.A 1928-31
From $0.50

A12405 ~ Spark Plug Champion

Spark Plug Champion 1928-34 U.S.A.

A13007 ~ Headlight Bulb

Headlight Bulb
From $1.15

M533~ 600 W Gear Oil Quart

600 W Gear Oil Quart All Years

A12405RE ~ MotorCraft Spark Plugs

MotorCraft Spark Plugs 1928-34 U.S.A.

A13466 ~ Tail Light-Park-Dash Bulb

Tail Light-Park-Dash Bulb
From $0.50

A1024 ~ Rim Liner For Inner Tube Fits 17-21 inch

Rim Liner For Inner Tube Fits 17-21 inch

A2023 ~ Brake Shoe Roller

Brake Shoe Rollers Each 1928-32 U.S.A.

A13465 ~ Stop Light Bulb

Stop Light Bulb
From $0.60