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Gas Tank

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#46B ~ Cowl To Gas Tank Screws 1930-31

Cowl To Gas Tank Screws 20 Pieces. Holds back of gas tank.

A9193TX ~ Gas Tank Screen 1928-31

Gas Tank Screen U.S.A. 1928-31 Gas Tank Screen Goes in shut off valve A9189A. USED IN SHUT OFFS BOUGHT AFTER JANUARY 2023 New Shut Off Valves Have A Hex Hole Not A Round One. Out of stock

#46 ~ Cowl To Firewall Kit 1930-31

Cowl To Firewall Kit 20 Pieces 1930-31 Flat head pan head screws. Holds front of gas tank down to fire wall.

#46A ~ Cowl To Gas Tank Kit 1928-29

Cowl To Gas Tank Kit 24 Pieces 1928-29

A35266AR ~ Gas Tank Clamps

Gas Tank Clamps 1928-29

A35266BR ~ Gas Tank Clamp

Gas Tank Clamp 1930-31

A9020 ~ Gas Tank Filler Screen

Gas Tank Filler Screen 1928-31

A9020T ~ Filler Screen Tool

Filler Screen Tool 1928-31 U.S.A.

A9030A ~ Gas Cap 1928-29

Gas Cap 1928-29 includes gasket. This cap threads on. Manufactured by Vintique.

A9030BB ~ Gas Cap Eaton Style

Gas Cap Eaton Style Stainless Steel 1930-31