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A17022 ~ Engine Eye Lift

Engine Eye Lift Engine. Eye Lift Treads into spark plug holes. Has to be large eyelet for chain hook. Can also be useful in removing a stuck head. BEST TO BUY TWO. Heavy duty.

A200 ~ Ford Green Engine Paint Spray Can

Ford Green Engine Can Spray Paint U.S.A. 1928-41 11 Oz (AEROSOL HAS TO SHIP BY UPS)

A200C ~ Ford Green Engine Paint Quart

Ford Green Engine Quart Brush Paint U.S.A. 32 Oz 1928-41

A6008C ~ Engine Gasket Set 1928-31

Engine Gasket Set 1928-31 Complete engine gasket set with copper head gasket.

A6010H ~ High Compression Cast Iron Head 5.5 to 1 ratio

High Compression Cast Iron Head 5.5 to 1 ratio 1928-31 OUT OF STOCK

A6010HC6 ~ 6:1 High Compression Head

6:1 High Compression Head

A6010P ~ Head Puller 1928-34

Head Puller 1928-34 U.S.A. Attaches to head to pull head or can be used to pull engine OUT OF STOCK

A6017MB ~ Side Cover Bolt Set

Side Cover Bolt Set

A6018 ~ Side Cover Gasket

Side Cover Gasket

A6019MB ~ Timing Cover Bolt Set

Timing Cover Bolt Set U.S.A.